Hi, my name is Surita. On this site you will find a collection of my writings on various topics and in different genres. I primarily write about oppression and the toll it can take on us and our sense of self. I hope that by examining our beliefs, we can begin to see how our voices may have become small, while the beliefs of those around us grow exceedingly louder, to the point where we have forgotten who we are. My writing seeks to explore what stops us from becoming our highest self and honouring the light within. I began writing during a time in my life when I was trying to make sense of all that was happening around me and also understanding my role in the situations that I found myself in. It’s easy to blame the world around us, but real growth and healing comes from looking inwards, be critical yet gentle, and changing (which is hard part).

I’m also a personal empowerment coach, if you’re interested in learning more about personal coaching with me, click on my personal coaching link at the top of page.

I hope you enjoy my musings.