S: Dear Body, how do I read you?

Body: In all the wrong ways. I wish you loved me like your utopian ideals. Why can’t you love me, like you long to be loved? Can’t you see the irony?

S: I do now, not before. I think I love you, but then I never acknowledge you. I bless my health, but never a word of acknowledgement for what you offer me.

Body: but what about the body that makes this all possible (your good health)? Did you ever think about me? You just poured your hate onto me. Hating the way body moves and looks. Never being grateful for the sustenance we give you. You pick at each part of your body with such contempt.

You’re as critical of me as they were of you. You’ve transferred their warped perceptions to me, your body.

Step back for a moment and realize all the hate that you give to me. Why? We will never be good enough, just like you will never be good enough for your critics. Why do you let their perceptions become your own?

S: the separation is too painful. It requires an examination of what lurks in the shadows, all the parts I’ve hidden, the ugly things…

Body: what are these ugly things dear child?   The war you battle is deep within you. Stop looking around and look within.

Once you accept us, you accept you. Love us

S: I’m sorry. I’ve been shallow and self-absorbed.

Body: there you go again berating yourself. When will you learn? Accept and love you. This is not a shaming, but a realization of how you see your body is a reflection of you. Stop being ashamed of who you are, of your desires, of your body.

Your body is your house, a vehicle to move you forward, to help you achieve your dreams. Hating yourself will only bring your demise in the form of disease. We are to work in unison. Don’t you SEE? We can help you achieve. Love your body. Love us deeply woman. Your body is your house, your history, and your future. You cannot abandon your growth. Growth is nothing if you lack markers for what was. By rendering your us invisible, this is exactly what you do. Look back at the past with loving compassion.

Tell us how you love us now. Truly love us. Be in your body, feel your body, what does it say?

S: my body is supporting me each step of the way. Nurturing me and giving me strength to move forward.

My brain is helping my soul fuel its purpose.

Body: love your mind. You neglect all we give you. We work with you not against you. It’s you who have planted seeds of discontent and watered them. We allowed them to grow for you nurtured them with diligent obedience.

You realize how easily you can shift your mind. Look at all the changes you have made. You did this within a moment’s notice.

That’s the power of your mind. Love us too.

Love your height, it allows you to see the world in a way that is unique to you. You are tall when you believe in yourself and you walk and speak with confidence. Your truth is tall, as is your wisdom. You are cringing as you write this.

Why can you only speak ill of yourself? What is the harm in recognizing the good? You are here to break patterns not absorb them.

We are not done talking to you, listen!

Love each part of you. When hate arises look at it deeply. Do not allow the wounds of your past to dictate your future. Come into your soul, the truth lies there.

Your search for the truth is housed in your body. The key is loving the body you have, loving you, and all else will follow.

Love Us