Empowered Akasha sessions are powerful one to one mentorship sessions where we will work together to seek greater clarity and understanding around a particular issues or problems that you are facing. I am here to support you in uncovering your blocks, discovering your dreams, and living a more passionate and fulfilling life. 

During our sessions I will work with you on the level of mind, body and spirit so you can establish lasting change and transformation. The work we do together requirements commitment, a willingness to dig deep, look at our fears, stories and patterns and be ready to heal them. It’s important to me that there is a readiness and willingness to commit to yourself and making the changes. I take on limited clients at a time as I want to ensure you are fully supported on this journey.

Clients leave with a deeper understanding of current situations, what they can learn from past and current lessons, and clarity around next steps. 

I work best with clients who are motivated, ready to make changes and open to self-reflection.

Akasha sessions are supportive sessions that will leave you grounded and empowered. I work with clients to help support them on their journey of self-growth and to reclaim joy in their lives. 

Sessions: are via zoom; all session are weekly or bi-weekly.


Drop in Rate: $225 Special $75 off now, ending soon.

3 sessions: $570  ($190/session)

8 sessions: $1400  ($175/session)

Upgrades: if after a drop in session you decide you would like to purchase a package, you can put the cost of your drop in session towards a package.

** Prices are in CDN and do not include 5% GST.

Payment: via e-transfer

If you’re ready to dive into these personal mentorship opportunities click on the link below to book your 60 minutes session: https://www.picktime.com/Surita

Have questions hit on the contact me link to send me a personal message message or DM via instagram @suritajhangiani.