How do we break free? I grapple with this question each day, yet the answer is not clear. I must delve within my soul, but where is the answer hidden? We must speak our truth, yet the truth has been spoken for centuries, and we still remain in a maelstrom of hate. I stare out at the vastness of our universe; no answers echo back. Within you must go, within lies the answer.  Silence your mind. In silence, not solitude, will the answer appear. Love. How do we cultivate love to stop hate? Perhaps the answer is obvious. Great writers of our time have spoken of love, as though it is a panacea of hope. Will it wash away hate? Who breeds hate? Why do those who hate unite with such reverence? While those who seek love are divided, and bring further hate to their clans?  Colonialists spawn hate in order to divide and conquer. The imperialist remain steadfast in their unity, while the colonized continue to sow the seeds of partition. How did we become so wretched? We draw lines based on colour, ethnicity, gender, and status. The list carries on, we find more areas to divide love. We fail to find love in our hearts, yet love is where we must return to.  

By Surita Jhangiani