Reclaim your Voice is a podcast devoted to empowering you to find your voice, awakening from the prison within and shedding toxic beliefs to find your true authentic self. 

 This podcast is not about folding onto the stories that we have told ourselves and holding on to narratives that keep us small clinging to invisible boundaries, but to empower us to walk into and embody our truth, and change our realities to become in alignment with our dreams.

Each podcast will leave you with key take aways that you can implement into your daily life, and begin the process to living your truth. 

Episode 1: How it all began….

Focuses on the why behind Reclaim Your voice. And how living in the shadows and acquiescing to those around you leads to your own demise.

Episode 2: Loving Yourself to Reclaim Yourself

We are going to talk about love in today’s episode. Loving yourself enough to speak your truth. Why don’t we love ourselves? Why do we seek love through the approval of others? 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay